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shoujo fluffles! ~*~ flowers over boys

Lesbian Squealing Fangirls, Oh My!

flowers over boys! ~*~ fangirls who love girls
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Because lesbian, bi, and just plain girl-lovin' fangirls squeal too.

Flowers Over Boys (if you didn't get it, it's a pun on the manga Hana Yori Dango, or "Boys Over Flowers") is a community for all of you who've gotten a little tired of the endless tirades of squealiness over Orlando Bloom, Severus Snape and whatsisface out of Pirates of the Caribbean, and don't see why there shouldn't be a place for you to gush and sigh to your heart's content just because the snugglebunny in your life happens not to have male bits. Squishing, squeezing and shameless sexual fantasizing isn't limited to the straightgirls, and it's high time we showed 'em that we can flaunt our obsessions with the best of them - so whether your love interest is physically incarnated or caught between the pages of a book or frames of an anime, share the hearts and sparklies here and above all, feel free to squee. XD

Now to the community rules bit:

  • Yes, fangirlism of any kind is shameless and this is no less shameless fangirlism than the bishie-squishin' kind, but this is a community created by a SoulBonder-bordering-on-median/multiple too, so serious, intelligent and thoughtful discussion of characters (as well as the obligatory squealing) is more than encouraged and wholeheartedly welcomed. Just because we're fangirls doesn't mean we're airheads, right?
  • There's no ban on guys posting in the community, but it's primarily for girls, so please respect that. And no, you don't have to be lesbian or bi - you just have to be seriously fangirlish over one or more female characters. We're not actually anti-yaoi or anti-bishounen, although yaoi/bishounen are most definitely offtopic here unless bishoujo are the main focus - those things are listed as interests because they're things I've searched on in LJ when looking for fellow squealing lesbian fangirls, and it makes sense that others might search on them too. We are not a hate community! We're a love community. ^_~ <3
  • And please try to remember that a 1 is not an exclamation mark, even though I know that takes all the fun out of it. XD
Other than that, glomp away!

~Sprite, Flowers Over Boys Community Admin