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Loose Ends - A new IF forum-based slash/femmslash RPG 
01:42am 05/07/2008
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In the Department of Mysteries, deep in the dungeons beneath the Ministry of Magic there is room that is always locked. Or at least, it’s always supposed to be…

Pandora Twiddle hadn’t meant for it to happen. All she wanted was a decent mark on her final exam, and a research grant to work as an Unspeakable. She hadn’t meant to leave the door unlocked, but she’d been stressed, and yeah, okay, more than a little hungover.

Just two more days and she’d have handed in her thesis and shut down the project. She’d thought her subject was fascinating – there weren’t many magical theorists working on eromancy, and scant little research on Queer theory in the field. Most of the best-respected researchers were still caught up in parental and filial love, which was where all the funding was.

Her work would have changed that. She’d used cutting edge particle magic theory to study trace remnants of old magic. She’d proven even to her hard-headed supervisor that the love magic the founders had used to place some of the oldest protective spells on Hogwarts School was – well – pretty damn gay.

One minute’s carelessness in the pursuit of jam doughnuts later, and everything was ruined. The protective field where she’d set up her model of the Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw Bonding Charm stood before her, empty and mocking.

With a shifty look around to make sure she was still alone, Pandora waved her wand and the field disappeared. She’d say she finished early and ended the spell. And nobody need ever, ever know what she’d just done.

Miles away a fluttering line of thin silver light flew rapidly northwards through a clear blue sky. It slowed as it drew close to an old castle, perched above a Scottish lake. It settled over the highest tower, making the turret glow briefly. Then it spread out again, and faded away in a wide circle, leaving an odd ripple in it’s wake, like the slight distortions of curved glass. The charm was reflected all over Great Britain within the next few days, the caster apparently going a little trigger happy, fixing itself into the home's of witches and wizards everywhere.

Nobody saw it happen, but they’d start to feel its effects soon enough.

[OT] ALC and novelist J.D. Glass team up for an "American Goth" story 
02:48am 11/05/2008
  ALC Publishing, the world's only publisher of 100% Yuri, and Lambda Literary and Ben Franklin award finalist, lesbian novelist J.D. Glass, are teaming up for the upcoming "Yuri Monogatari 6" Anthology.

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Yurizoku, a Dutch shoujo-ai/yuri forum 
07:44pm 01/05/2008
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Hello everyone,

I've created a new Dutch-only forum called Yurizoku. I've wanted to create one for a while since there isn't any Dutch yuri community around. First i started out with a livejournal with the same name, but it didn't really hit off. So now i've made a forum. And am looking for new members!

The forum is found here:

I hope you'll join! Since it'll be more fun with more members ;)
And if you won't, maybe you'll still be interested in our livejournal?

I'll probably post this on some other communities aswell, so i'm sorry if you see this post more then once.
Also, if this isn't allowed please feel free to delete this.
ALC Publishing is recruiting for the 6th "Yuri Monogatari" Project! 
04:21pm 18/02/2008
  ALC Publishing, the world's only all-Yuri publisher, is recruiting writers and artists for their award-nominated Yuri anthology, "Yuri Monogatari."

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[ot] ALC Publishing at Yuri Manga Signing in NYC 
03:01am 14/01/2008
  Erica Friedman, founder of ALC Publishing, the only 100% Yuri publisher, will be signing books at Jim Hanley's Universe in New York City on January 16th, at 6:30 PM. Joining Erica will be author JD Glass and artist Abby Denson, for a night of GLBT-themed comics, novels and manga sponsored by Prism Comics. Jim Hanley's Universe is located at 4 West 33rd St. on 5th Avenue, just across from the Empire State Building.

ALC Publishing was founded in 2003 to create and disseminate high-quality yuri manga to the worldwide English speaking audience. ALC is a division of Yuricon, a celebration of yuri and shoujoai in anime and manga. For more information on 100% Yuri from ALC Publishing, please visit our website at http://www.anilesbocon.com or email us at anilesbocon01@hotmail.com

For more information on Jim Hanley's Universe, please visit their website at http://jhuniverse.com For more information on Prism Comics, please visit their website at http://www.prismcomics.org
Yuri Manga Anthology "Yuri Monogatari 5" to Premiere at Yurisai 
12:52am 15/09/2007
  ALC Publishing, the world's only publisher of 100% Yuri, will be premiering their newest Yuri manga anthology, "Yuri Monogatari 5," at Yuricon's 2007 "Yurisai" event on September 29, 2007 at the Newark Gateway Hilton.

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[CON] The Countdown to the "Yurisai" Begins! 
11:57pm 30/08/2007
  Only 30 days left until the only 100% Yuri day of in 2007!

Pre-registration for Yuricon's 2007 "Yurisai" event has just about a week left - the last day to pre-register is Sept. 7th. Pre-register at http://yc07.eventbrite.com. At the door registration will open at 9AM on September 29, 2007, at the Gateway Hilton in Newark, NJ.
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Yuricon - "For real women who like their women...animated." http://www.yuricon.org

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100% Yuri Manga Anthology "Yuri Monogatari 5" available for Pre-Order 
12:00am 10/08/2007
  ALC Publishing, the world's only all-Yuri publisher, is proud to present their fifth 100% Yuri manga anthology, "Yuri Monogatari 5," available for pre-order at the Yuricon shop and on Amazon.com, or through Diamond Comic's Previews magazine.
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[CON] Yuri Artists, Writers, AMV creators and Cosplayers - Yuricon Contests are on! 
10:53pm 23/07/2007
  Yuricon, a celebration of yuri in anime and manga, offers 4 great contests(Cosplay, Fanfic, Art, and AMV) in conjunction with their 2007 "Yurisai" event!

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Register now at http://yc07.eventbrite.com/. for Yuricon's 2007 "Yurisai" event, to be held Sept. 29th at the Newark, NJ Gateway Hilton! Join Yuricon for the only 100% Yuri day of the year!

For more information on Yuricon, please visit our website at http://www.yuricon.org or e-mail us at yuricon@hotmail.com.

Yuricon - "For real women who like their women...animated." http://www.yuricon.org

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Media Blasters & Yuricon team up for "Simoun" Cosplay Contest at "Yurisai" Event 
08:41pm 26/06/2007
  Media Blasters, media publisher of products targeted to fan-oriented specialty markets, and Yuricon, a celebration of yuri in anime and manga, are teaming up at Yuricon's 2007 "Yurisai" event to present the Yuricon "Simoun Cosplay" contest, in honor of one of Media Blasters' most exciting upcoming anime series!

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Yuricon - "For real women who like their women...animated."


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Erica Friedman, founder of Yuricon, interviewed on Afterellen.com 
09:11pm 01/05/2007
  Erica Friedman, president of Yuricon and ALC Publishing, was interviewed by Suzanne Corson,
a contributing writer at the popular lesbian culture website.

Friedman founded Yuricon, a celebration of yuri in anime and manga in 2000, and ALC Publishing, North America's only of 100% yuri publisher in 2003. In 2005, she co-chaired Yuricon in Tokyo, and Onna! which took place in October in Newark, NJ. In 2004, ALC Publishing printed the first volume of "Shoujoai ni Bouken: The Adventures of Yuriko", an illustrated novel, penned by Friedman and illustrated by Kelli Nicely. In the article, Friedman discusses the History of Yuricon and ALC publishing and Yuricon's upcoming event, the 2007 "Yurisai" event.

To learn more about Yuricon or ALC Publishing, or to register for the 2007 event, please visit http://www.yuricon.org or email yuricon@hotmail.com

AfterEllen.com was launched in April 2002 to raise awareness and to contribute to the dialogue about lesbian and bisexual visibility in entertainment and the media through interviews, commentary, and reviews. http://www.afterellen.com
New Revolutionary Girl Utena Fan Fiction Community 
01:39pm 03/03/2007
  I just started 20_roses , a community for "20 random facts" memes based on Revolutionary Girl Utena (film, manga or anime). I want 20_roses  to be as open and creative as possible so there are no claims, you can write and post 20 facts about any Utena universe character, pairing or group you choose!  All ratings are allowed, yaoi, yuri, and het are all welcome (as well as platonic relationships, friendship, and rivalry).  Please join!  
12:24pm 22/02/2007
mood: hopeful
I hope this is acceptable as I didn't see it against the rules!

If it is not allowed, feel free to delete this entry.

slayersyuri is a new and very small community. We welcome new members to make the place grow!

Registration and Contest Rules Up for Yuricon's 2007 Event "Yurisai"! 
11:07pm 20/02/2007
  Newark, NJ - Things are rolling right along towards 2007's only 100% Yuri day! Registration is now open for Yuricon's 2007 "Yurisai" event, to be held Sept. 29th at the Newark, NJ Gateway Hilton!

Register at : http://yc07.eventbrite.com/ .

Yuricon's "Yurisai" event's cosplay and anime music video contest rules are now available online. For more information regarding these events, please visit the "Yurisai" home page at

Yuricon is also proud to present "Talking About Amy", Yorico Murakami's short animated film about special guest Rica Takashima, popular Yuri mangaka and creator of "Rica'tte Kanji!?"

Don't miss 2007's only 100% Yuri day, Yuricon's 2007 "Yurisai"!

Yuricon is a celebration of Yuri in anime and manga. For more information on Yuricon, please visit our website at http://www.yuricon.org or e-mail us at yuricon@hotmail.com.

Yuricon - "For real women who like their women...animated."
[OT] Yuricon announces guests for the 2007 "Yurisai" event 
10:13pm 22/12/2006
  Yuricon, a celebration of yuri and shoujoai in anime and manga, is pleased to
announce the first wave of guests for our 2007 "Yurisai" event being held in
Newark, NJ.

Join us at the Gateway Hilton on September 29, 2007 to meet yuri mangaka
Rica Takashima, and Yuri Monogatari artists Althea Keaton, Beth Malone, and
Sergio Aviles. We'll also be joined by "Shoujoai ni Bouken" illustrator
Kelli Nicely!

"Yurisai" details, event policies and a a brief Q&A segment are now up
online on the Yuricon 07 Page: http://www.yuricon.org/events/07index.html

More guests and more details to come! Don't miss the only 100% yuri day of

For more information on Yuricon, or the "Yurisai" event, please visit our
website at http://www.yuricon.org or email us at yuricon@hotmail.com.

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ALC Publishing is recruiting for their 5th annual yuri manga anthology 
12:34am 31/08/2006
  ALC Publishing, the only all-Yuri publisher in North America, is recruiting writers and artists for their 2007 English-language yuri anthology, "Yuri Monogatari 5."

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Attention drabble writers 
03:10am 12/11/2005
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femslash100 is alive again!

Apparently projectcyborg took it over in August. So far it seems moderately active, with a new challenge every week and all previous challenges thrown open every ten weeks.
05:01pm 12/06/2005
  Just thought I'd poke this comm with a stick, as it's been rather quiet lately, and it just occurred to me that this would be the perfect place to ramble about Claudine, which I just finished lately (and which my icon is taken from). It's a short-story thingy (what's the manga equivalent of a short story? is there a term for it?) by Riyoko Ikeda (yep, the only manga I ever read) and there are scanlations available at Lililicious (er, have I mentioned Lililicious in here before? If not, I really should, because it's entirely focused around yuri and cute girls and the like).

Er. Anyway. Yes. Anyone else read it? It's actually debatable whether it really is a shoujo-ai story, because Claudine identifies saself so strongly as male, by modern standards sa would probably be considered FTM rather than a lesbian; nonetheless, though, it's got all the usual Ikeda-esque elements of ambiguous gender/sexuality, Lesbian Angst, and a horribly depressing ending. But in a good way, honest. So, er... yeah. Consider this a recommendation; it's short, and in English, so it's a good introduction to Ikeda. I can't decide whether I prefer her art here or in her earlier work; I actually think I might like the slightly softer look of "Claudine" better. Though the hero/ine still isn't nearly as hot as Oscar. ^_~
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02:16pm 04/06/2005
mood: chipper
I've debated about mentioning this since it is a shounen-ai series but it does have a nice angst-y shoujo-ai paring in it, starting with episode 8 (which is a bit sad since from all reports this series will be only 12 episodes long.) It is also the only obvious love relationship thus far (barring the ambiguous relationship of the main characters). I don't want to spoil it for people so I won't say anything more on the shoujo relationship other than it being complicated.
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04:53pm 24/04/2005
mood: fannish
It's been pretty quiet here so I thought I'd add some noise and do some mid-series fangirling.

I'm watching Noir, a series I was made aware of by people here. :) I just finished episode 11, which I shall call "The Mad Tea Party" in honor of Mireille's frustration. I'm of mixed opinion on Chloe at the moment and my initial affection for Mireille has dimmed in the last few episodes, her hardened shell seems to be cracking. I hope she'll patch it up.

But my fangirling is really for Kirika. I've been enthralled since the first episode. :) There's just something about a calm, somewhat fae, cold-blooded killer. Ironically the few cracks in her shell have endeared her to me, probably because hers don't seem to be motivated by fear as Mireille's have. Hmm. I sense some introspection and Deep Thought coming after I finish the series.

And if I'm lucky something in the way of fannish arts, I still have a list of drabble themes to finish. And then there's 30_lemons. I've been thinking about joining in there but I've been unable to find a pairing that I could work with for all 30 themes. Somehow I doubt Mireille/Kirika would work for me for all the themes but stranger things have happened.
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